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10 Rehabilitation Excercises To Do After Your Car Accident

July 28, 2020

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As a car accident chiropractor, we know how to handle these injuries. These types of accidents occur millions of times every year, and when they happen are almost always unavoidable. So if you ever find yourself in one of these grave situations, here are some exercises to recover and get on your feet as fast as possible. 

NonSpecific Injuries

If after recovering, your doctor informs you that no specific parts of the body were injured but you still feel a little worse for wear then these exercises will help you out. 

  • Sit up straight on a flat chair. Bring one ear close to your shoulder, and slowly roll your head to the other shoulder and tuck your chin as your head nears the center of your chest. 
  • While sitting in that same chair, use any small weights or heavier small objects you have (such as a pair of soup cans). When you have the small weights, lift them up out to the side, and up to your shoulders. 
  • Keep your arms at shoulder height, then scissor both of your arms in front of your chest. First bring one arm up to your chest’s height then the other, then bend the elbows a bit but not to the point that your arms go behind your back. 
  • Keep your hands and feet on the floor, and attempt to form a pose resembling an inverted “V” and keep your spine long and straight (this is known as the “downward dog” pose in yoga). 
  • Get on your hands and knees with your knees staying directly under your hips, and keep your legs at a hip’s width apart. Keep both your back and neck straight, and make sure not to keep an arched back or lower your neck under your shoulders. Lift a leg, then lift your arm straight up on the opposite side, (For instance, if you lift up your left leg, raise your right arm) hold for 10 seconds then swap positions (If you raised your left leg and right arm first, then lift up your right leg and left arm next).

Specific Injuries

Arm Injuries

  • If only a single arm was broken or injured, then once the arm’s cast is removed, lift the now free arm above your head with your other healthy arm. 
  • Grab your bad arm with your good arm, then bend that arm as far as possible at the elbow but slowly. 

Leg Fracture

  • With both feet flat on the ground, step forward on a single foot while the other one stays in place as you lunge forward.
  • Stay in place with both feet flat on the ground, then extend one knee out, and keep it perpendicular to the ground.
  • To build muscle strength in the calf, you need to place both feet flat on the ground and steadily rise to the balls of your feet from 5-10 minutes. 
  • To strengthen the ankle, rest your ankle on the opposite knee, and gently rotate it for 5-10 seconds before rotating the other ankle as well.

When car accidents turn your worst fears into a reality, there is no controlling it. Most of the time when a car accident occurs, it is unavoidable and no matter what you do you’ll get hit. But when you recover and try to leave the incident behind you, you may be shackled to it a little longer than you would like with injuries giving you a daily reminder and wondering how you would have avoided the unavoidable.

These different exercises are meant to help you with any injuries, from serious fractures or just overall stiffness to get you back on your feet and moving.

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