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History of Claymont DE

July 28, 2020

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The historic city of Delaware has been inhabited for centuries but was first home to a Lenape tribe. Although its first name was derived from a local Lenape tribe, soon after westerners began to inhabit the area, it was renamed to Claymont. In 1856, the area was renamed to Clayton because of a former family plantation owned by the Episcopal Church’s pastor. While first putting itself on the map as a developing resort area, it soon became more and more industrialized. 

Travel Routes

The area of Claymont has always been a popular port for multiple famous transportation routes. During the Colonial period, Claymont included routes along the King’s Highway. The highway ran through Philadelphia, Newport, and Charleston. Along with travel routes, the Robinson House was a popular and important stop during the revolution. This meant that the city of Claymont and its trade routes were commonly visited which led to increased business or foot traffic. Soon the Philadelphia Pike was constructed and served as a convenient highway from Philadelphia to nearby major city Wilmington, DE. 

Current Residential Status and Historic Landmarks

Now in modern Claymont, there are different residential scenes from more suburban neighborhoods and communities, to more commercial residences and businesses nearby the Philadelphia Pike. Even now, there are still some industrial sites along Naamans Road, which got its name from the Naamans creek. The road’s name is based on the creek as the prime location of Claymont is at the mouth of the creek. Claymont is also home to several historic landmarks such as the

  • Robinson House
  • Naamans Tea Room
  • Old Stone School
  • Darley House
  • And the Ascension Church

Additionally, Claymont also houses the Archmere academy, although it was originally known as the Raskob Estate. From now onward, the Claymont Renaissance Redevelopment Corporation will assist and take part in working with the community, local organizations, and fellow businesses to lead Claymont’s growth and development.

Now, Claymont is a respectable town with a stable economy and rich culture and history. There are many tours that offer walkthroughs of the history and significance of certain landmarks for people that would like to learn the different turns that Claymont took and what its society used to be. Claymont was originally a small area at the mouth of a creek that was mostly agricultural, but for a bit was a very popular spot for rich Philadelphians to take a break, or live in and was full of wealthy families that could afford extravagant vacations. Claymont is now a stable town that appreciates its modern community and modern way of life.


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