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Bodyshops For Wilmington Auto Accidents

July 28, 2020

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This article is brought to you by Dr. Mike Francis of Francis Optimal Performance Chiropractic, best chiropractors in Wilmington Delaware.

Accidents happen, and the worst kinds are the mistakes that cost you. For instance, auto accidents. An average of 6 million auto accidents occurs in the U.S every year, and it costs 871 billion dollars to the U.S in traffic accidents every year. So when the worst occurs, it is important to know where to get the best of care.

Rossi AutoBody

Location: 512 B&O Lane/Belmont Ave.

At Rossi AutoBody, they believe that there shouldn’t be any substitute for quality, and they always try their best to prove it to you in their repairs and warranties. The phrase that they stand by is “Where Quality Is No Accident”, and it seems that the phrase that they stand by is one they live up to. Rossi AutoBody has been making customers happy and getting them back on the road since 1969. Rossi makes sure to always fully and cleanly fix any auto injuries by the hand of their skillful and trained technicians. Rossi makes sure that they return your vehicle to you in pre-accident condition quickly and for an understandable price.

Brandywine Body Shop

Location: 1325 Newport Gap Pike

This family-owned Bodyshop has been operating for 35 years and always does its best to earn the customer’s satisfaction every single service. Brandywine Bodyshop provides autobody repair and vehicle painting cleanly and perfectly to always try and repair any vehicle you throw at it. Brandywine specializes in vehicle painting to create finished and clean designs to make your autobody feel truly like your own. Brandywine also includes collision repair to any personal, domestic, foreign, and light trucks. Like Rossi AutoBody, Brandywine is also family-owned and makes sure to provide exceptional service and handiwork in every service. 

There are several other BodyShops in Wilmington, but which ones are the best, and which should you trust your vehicle with?

Here is a list of which shops you should trust

  • Rossi Autobody
  • Brandywine BodyShop 
  • Paul Campanella’s Auto and Tire Repair
  • High Tech Auto Repair 
  • Rudy’s Auto Body Shop
  • Willmington Collision Center
  • Ellmore Auto Collision
  • Union Park Collision Center & Body Shop

All of these body shops make sure to provide premium service, and do their best to return your prized vehicle better than before and always fix the car to its pre-accident condition. Some of them are family-owned, but they all pride themselves on the quality of their work and all are good options when your worst dreams become a reality.

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