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Things To Do in Claymont Delaware

July 30, 2020

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This article is brought to you by Dr. Mike Francis of Francis Optimal Performance Chiropractic, a Claymont Delaware Chiropractor.

Starting its history centuries ago, the historic city of Claymont is full of fun activities to make your day. While Claymont is small compared to Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware, there isn’t a shortage of fun events and points of interest in Claymont. Claymont has plenty of different restaurants, shops, hotels, and points of attraction to make your next vacation a busy one. Whether you are planning to just stay for a day or two or are even just visiting, this list will be able to help you out on what to visit for special occasions or to experience what Claymont has to offer. 

The Waterfall Catering And Special Events

Location: 3416. Philadelphia Pike, Claymont DE

Planning for your special day? No need to worry because The Waterfall has your back! The Waterfall is fully prepared to help with ready staff that are only focused on one thing… to make your dream wedding a reality. The Waterfall has recently finished their multi-million dollar renovation, so they are completely ready to accommodate any and all of your needs with all the space you could want. Don’t stress about the setting either, as both of their ballrooms are guaranteed to capture your and your guests’ every breath. From exquisite columns to jaw-dropping chandeliers, to a graceful cocktail room, The Waterfall’s sole purpose is to make your special night one to truly remember. 

The Waterfall isn’t just made for weddings and can surpass any of your expectations for any social event planned. From formal, corporate events, to fun-filled friendly parties, The Waterfall has got what you need. Don’t stress on the food either as the staff can always provide a wonderful cuisine and superb service, so no need to worry about hungry guests. 

The Waterfall is sure to surprise anyone who enters it and can accommodate anyone who does, as they have the ability to take care of as many guests as you could need. The Waterfall has enough space to accommodate anywhere from 50 to 500 of your special guests. 

Claymont Steak Shop

Location: 3526 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont DE

If you don’t need the extreme elegance of The Waterfall, but still want a place to eat great food and talk with friends, then the Claymont Steak Shop is here for you. The Claymont Steak Shop provides premium steaks that are high quality, fresh-sliced, and ribeye. No need to worry about old ingredients though because this steak shop prides itself on only using the freshest and best tasting ingredients out there. So whether you have a formal gathering or just want to chat with friends over a nice steak dinner, the Claymont Steak Shop is sure to accommodate your needs just fine.

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