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Things To Do in New Castle County Delaware

July 31, 2020

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New Castle County is a county with a size of 494 mi² and is now considered the most populous county of the entire state with a large population of over 538,479 civilians. If you are coming to visit Delaware, this county is the perfect place to travel to as there is an abundance of different attractions, museums, parks, historical landmarks, and much more. So here is a list of all the prime locations to visit during your stay, and some of them are even free for when you are traveling on a budget.

Free Locations

You do need to save up a lot of money when traveling almost anywhere, but if your wallet’s running a little low but you don’t want to stay in your hotel all day, here is a list of several attractions to visit with no extra cost.

The DuPont Environmental Education Center

This environmental education center (DEEC) is a wild and nature packed get away from the noise of the city, where the city and marsh meet and peace is around every corner.

This includes a 4 story education center with Staff-led binocular walks with animal encounters Tuesday through Sunday,

The Delaware Contemporary

The Delaware Contemporary is a non-collecting art museum that includes 30 unique exhibits every single year so that every time you visit there’ll be something new to explore. This exhibit shares regional and national artists in seven different galleries and is open to visitors Tuesday through Sunday.

Mezzanine Gallery

This gallery, situated in the Carvel State Office in downtown Wilmington offers one-person tours through the gallery. The exhibitions include Delaware artists’ works through different mediums such as painting, photography, crafts, folk, sculpture, and media arts. 

Battery Park

If you were searching for something more peaceful to just experience the beauty of the valley, instead of someone leading you on a tour, Battery Park is just perfect for you or the entire family. Battery Park covers 25 entire acres and has plenty of different playgrounds, areas perfect for picnics, basketball courts, and many more. Battery Park is a perfect idea for any occasion, from sightseeing to family-pleasing, this park has even been renowned for being the most visited park in America when it reached the 4 million visitor count in 2009. 

These were just some of the cheaper options, but no need to worry as New Castle County as plenty of premium options as well. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find a new perfect point of interest or new favorite restaurant, as New Castle County has everything you could need from plenty of historic landmarks to nature centers and railroads. 

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